AFT: How Can I Lose Weight?

Question from Sherrie in Phoenix, AZ

I have been overweight my whole life. How can I lose weight?

Knowledge. Get you some of that. People always ask me which diet is best, or which foods should they eat, or which supplement will help them lose weight. The fact is, there are no answers to those questions. We all have a different chemical makeup and we all process foods differently. One choice that could make YOU lose weight could cause ME to gain weight.

It really isn’t about finding a magical answer; it’s about understanding your body and how to make it work. It’s about learning what foods are best for YOU, not for a theoretical person who wants to lose weight. It needs to be the best choice for YOU to lose weight.

The best advice I can give is to gain understanding that there ARE answers for you. You simply need to learn the science behind those answers. Educate yourself, because then you can use that knowledge in any situation you find yourself in. With knowledge, you can learn to adapt. With a diet, you have to make that diet work or fall back into old habits— like eating a whole package of Oreos on the way to work in the morning. Knowledge helps you to understand why that’s never a great idea.

Learn the science, understand how your body works, and you will always have your own answers.

Yours In Health,

F#ckin’ Tony

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