Professional comedian turned natural health practitioner, T.C. Hale (aka Tony), put together this series of books in order to bring health and wellness into a new light… a new non-boring light.  He wanted to bring his experience as a touring comedian into a subject where comedy has not been welcomed in the past.  The question is, why not?  Why can’t we be entertained while we learn something new?  Why can’t learning about physiology be as fun as watching your uncle Mitch wrestle with a live water sprinkler while he’s drunk?

Tony recognized the need to bring some funny to the health & wellness world when he was stricken with his own health concern.  With twenty-three doctors and specialist only making him worse, he decided to begin his own research.  After diving into literally hundreds of books on health, nutrition and how the body really works, he noticed every book had one common denominator… boring writing.  The information within the books was incredibly fascinating but would it kill ya to keep me awake long enough to finish reading one chapter?  Hence, the Kick it in the Nuts™ series was born.

Don’t be mistaken, the title is funny and who wouldn’t want to kick their major health concern in the nuts if they had the chance? But, in this series, we won’t be discussing how to fight any symptoms, conditions, or diseases in any way. If you want to cover up a symptom, you can see any doctor for that. Instead, we’ll be talking about why these symptoms actually come about, why your body chemistry is allowing these symptoms to show up, and how to adjust what you’re doing, eating and shoving down your gullet, so that your body has a chance to return to its natural state. You would be amazed at what the body can correct on its own if you just give it a chance to work it’s magic. Understanding how to give your body a little push in the right direction can make all the difference.

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