Those Who Paved The Way


Dr. Carey Reams

Dr. Carey Reams was an agrarian.  He did soil chemistry and he learned, primarily, how to make things grow in the soil.  By people coming to him for help, he was pushed into biology and working with animals and humans.  What remained at the root of his mentality was all this knowledge about what made produce grow exceptionally well.  What needed to be done in order to bring the proper level of minerals into the produce?  What got a result in the crop?  There are a lot of stories about how Reams adjusted minerals in the soil to affect the growth of produce.  If you wanted to do something in soil, he knew how to do it.  That mentality was then brought forward into looking at health from a simple ground-up standpoint.  Reams looked at the mineral content in a person, much like he looked at the mineral content in the soil.


Dr. Emanuel Revici

Dr. Emanuel Revici was all about looking at the cell’s oil-based membrane and the proteins that are mixed in with it.  He explained what was going on with the permeability of the cells.  Through learning about cellular permeability, we came to understand that there is a natural tide to life, or a rhythm.  This is where the anabolic/catabolic language comes into use.  We see that during the daytime it is proper for a person to be in a catabolic state—when he is giving his energy to the day.  Conversely, as surely as night falls and the dandelion flower closes, the anabolic state is entered and the person goes to sleep to rebuild and restore himself.  Everyone needs to be cycling between these two states.  As people lose their vitality or resilience, this tide of life becomes impeded and an individual can get stuck in the anabolic or catabolic state 24 hours a day.  Without the necessary vitality to allow this natural oscillation process to continue, it is statistically true that those who become stuck in an anabolic state are more prone to viral issues occurring in their system.  Those who have lost their resilience and are stuck in a catabolic state are more prone to bacterial issues.  Now comes the reasonableness of the system where if a person is really oscillating every evening from catabolic to anabolic, and every morning from anabolic going back to catabolic, then the viruses don’t have a home and the bacteria don’t have a home because the system is oscillating.  There is never a moment when, for many many days, there is a hospitable environment for those issues to take hold.

There is a good book about Dr. Revici, written by William Kelley Eidem, called The Doctor Who Cures Cancer.  This is a story of Revici’s life and work and is an excellent introduction into the intellect he provided us.


Thomas Riddick

Thomas Riddick understood colloidal suspensions.  What is the bloodstream?  It is a colloidal suspension.  This is information that painters understand perfectly because, if you can’t keep pigment in suspension, then it is going to separate, fall to the bottom of the can and harden.  If that pigment falls out of suspension then you aren’t going to sell much paint.  You aren’t going to get the pigment to the wall, it’s not going to dry correctly and it isn’t going to work.  With Riddick’s research, we came to understand a lot more about the heart and how to make the bloodstream flow easier so that the heart does not work so hard.

Certainly, when half of America is dying from a heart-related problem, we would be curious to know what to do to make things easier for the heart.  That used to be understood before profit-driven thinking took over.  I don’t want that to sound like I’m bitter, I’m not.  I do wish that those who put profit over the public’s well-being could be locked in a room and forced to listen to old Menudo albums until they promise to change their ways, but I’m not bitter.  I don’t want you to think that I’m the type of person that would basically Menudo-style waterboard someone.  Still, wouldn’t the world be a better place?  If this was taken care of, the only issues we would need to get rid of are smoking in public, people who stink, and those that drive slow in the left lane.  Order restored.


Dr. Melvin Page

Dr. Melvin Page was a medical doctor whose research showed that proper nutritional balance in the body could not only improve the health of someone’s teeth, but also the health of the body would coincide with the improvement of their dental health.  He found that, when the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio was in a balanced proportion, the patient would present no cavities.  (The actual proportion is ten-to-four in the blood, for those who like it when I say things that make me sound fancy.  For those who say, “What the hell is he talking about?” just use the word “balanced.”)  Moving outside of this ratio would not only present cavities, but other health issues as well.

Dr. Page was also very interested in, and had a lot of success with, hormones.  He found that you couldn’t even get a good read on hormones if the blood sugar was elevated.  For this reason, he would require avoidance of carbohydrates for at least 72 hours before any hormone testing was done.  When we look around us today, with the rate that the population is having trouble with diabetes, hypoglycemia, and blood sugar issues, is it any wonder that there are also a lot of hormonal issues going on?  Dr. Page had a lot of information that we try to implement.

Dr. Page and all these other doctors serve to validate or challenge each other’s views.  It’s as though they’re all looking into the same room (human physiology) but through different windows, giving a different perspective on very similar issues.


Recommended Reading

The Doctor Who Cures Cancer – William Kelley Eidem
The story of Emanuel Revici, M.D. that introduced us to the anabolic/catabolic shifts in the body.
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Nutrition and Your Mind – George Watson
An excellent book that demonstrates how the types of foods we eat can make a difference in our physical health and mental health.

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