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Module 1 Digestion - Week 1  
Unit 1 How This Course Works
Unit 2 Understanding Digestion
Unit 3 Understanding Digestive Symptoms
Unit 4 Supplements & Improving Digestion
Unit 5 Testing Tools You'll Need For This Course
Module 2 Digestion - Week 2  
Unit 1 Elimination & Digestion Gone Wild
Unit 2 Using Digestive Supplements
Unit 3 Reflux Drugs and How Most Medications Work
Module 3 Digestion - Week 3  
Unit 1 Self Tests
Module 4 Digestion - Week 4  
Unit 1 Understanding Your Chemistry
Unit 2 Foods Specific To You
Unit 3 Supplements That Could Help
Unit 4 Advanced Digestive Issues
Unit 5 Fine-Tuning, Tweaks and Adjustments

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