Doing a Beet Flow Flush

Doing a Beet Flow Flush


When you get your Beet Flow and have been using it for a day or two, you can do what is called a Beet Flow Flush.  I just take four Beet Flow capsules every thirty minutes for two hours (a total of four doses).  This is just a one-time event and not the protocol I use daily.  This can give your bile flow a quick boost and many will see improvement faster by using this technique when they start.


Don’t think that you’re going to have to sit on the toilet all day just because you hear the word flush.  Most people will not feel any different or have any type of huge bowel movement or anything like that. You’re simply trying to get bile to thin so it will flow better and this method is very effective.  If your saliva pH is below 6.5, a Beet Flow Flush is likely a very good idea.  The day after you do the flush, if your saliva pH starts to rise, that’s a great sign that you are improving your bile flow and the body is starting to get rid of some garbage.

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