Advanced Testing Details

You will need a professional health coach to use these tests. You can also take courses that teach you how to operate the equipment used to run these tests. I only list them here for those who want to learn what else is available. If you are intrigued by this work, you might like to pursue a career as a professional health coach. CONTACT US to ask how.


Conductivity / Millisiemens (mS) of Urine and Saliva

This demonstrates the electrical conductivity of the urine and saliva. The speed at which an electrical current will flow through those two fluids can indicate many things—kidney function and digestive capacity, for example. It can even be an indication of how the liver is functioning because the kidneys may become overburdened very quickly if the liver isn’t operating correctly. Viewing mS along with urine pH and saliva pH is a better way to get an idea of how the liver is functioning. Conductivity and millisiemens are the same thing. Millisiemens and conductivity are different scales for the same measurement, just as meters and yards are measuring length, using different markings. One side of the measuring stick uses the metric system and the other side of the measuring stick uses the imperial system, because people get comfortable with different measurement systems.


rH2 of Urine and Saliva

rH2 is closely related to pH, but pH is looking only at hydrogen. rH2 is looking at all the other ions in the system and their electrical charge. That electrical charge indicates how hard the atmosphere is pushing in a certain direction. Digestion is a huge topic, and HCL is crucial to digestion. rH2 can give us some big clues as to whether or not the body is producing HCL. It’s not an “HCL meter” so to speak, but it can give outstanding clues in that direction.


Surface Tension of Urine

Surface tension of urine is letting you see how many byproducts from energy production are being poured out in the urine. Since the surface active components of energy production through oxidation tend to lower surface tension, whether energy is being produced through oxidation or fermentation can be seen from the surface tension measurement when put in a context of other parameters such as pH and even the time of day the measurement is taken. Yeah, that’s a heap of science right there. Of course, you need to know what I’m talking about for this to make sense. But at least you know this piece of information can help a professional health coach understand how your body is processing the foods you eat.
Specific Gravity of Urine and Saliva

Specific gravity is the amount of dissolved solids in that solution. When sugar or salt break down in water, these are solids that have dissolved. Specific gravity is the amount of dissolved solids in a solution. There is a point when a solution is no longer able to break down a solid and it will be held in suspension for as long as the solution is being stirred. When the stirring stops, the solid falls. It is no longer in suspension but has “salted out” and is at the bottom of the glass. Those that stay up in the solution are dissolved solids. Specific gravity can give some indications as to whether or not a person is dealing with an anabolic or catabolic imbalance.


NO3 and NH4 of Urine and Saliva
(and the information we can pull from the relationship between the two)

These measurements are giving you clues and indications as to what is happening with protein. Dr. Reams mentioned that the NO3 of urine is letting you see inbound protein and the NH4 of urine is letting you see the outbound protein. NO3 of saliva is looking specifically at bacterial activity in the mouth only; it is not looking at a system-wide issue. If this number goes high, like over 14, it can be an indication of a high amount of bacteria waste in the mouth. It’s not very pleasant to think about bacteria pooping in your mouth all day long; yet it can be a reality for those who have poorly executed dental work which may have left holes or pockets in the gums where bacteria can flourish.

The majority of NH4 is produced in the kidneys, and allows other testing numbers to gain greater credibility when they are reviewed with NH4.


Vitamin C Test

Vitamin C is really the superglue that is holding the human body together. Vitamin C is used in nearly every repair process in the body. Humans, guinea pigs and primates are the only mammals that don’t make their own Vitamin C. With this in mind, it’s very important that all of us get enough Vitamin C from our food or through supplementation. The Vitamin C test can give you an indication of what is going on with Vitamin C in the system.

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